Zolaa™ Gatsby-style touch crystal desk lamp with remote controle

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Zolaa™ Gatsby-Style crystal table lamp

Step into a world of light luxury with our Gatsby-style glass table lamp, elegantly transparent and available in a 3-color or 16-color variant. Standing at 24.5 cm, it operates on a safe voltage of ≤ 36V, ensuring peace of mind.

The crystal structure of the lamp creates a delightful light show, bringing a cozy atmosphere to any room.

Complete with a USB connection, this table lamp marries timeless sophistication with modern convenience, perfect for enhancing your living space.


The Gatsby-style crystal table lamp is perfect for anyone seeking customizable lighting, offering both 3-color and 16-color variants to match any mood or decor. The dual functionality of the lamp as both a source of light and a piece of decor, enhanced by the convenience of USB connectivity, meets the needs of modern consumers who prioritize multipurpose products.


The lamp's operation on low voltage (≤ 36V) addresses safety concerns, making it an attractive option for households with children or pets, as well as for use in offices. Buyers looking for a lighting solution that combines safety with style would find this feature reassuring.


The USB connection for easy charging adds a layer of practicality, appealing to those who value ease of use and the ability to integrate the lamp seamlessly into spaces with limited access to traditional power outlets.